About MountainWife.com

meHey y’all! I’m Jess, aka the Mountain Wife! Welcome to my blog!

This is the space where I will share all sorts of things about being a wife, a mom, successes and failures in both of those areas, plans for “The Dream”, our adventures, yummy food and life’s joys and blessings…big and small!

My husband (Sam) and I met, fell in love, and took the leap to happily ever after in just a few short months in early 2015.  When we began blending our families, we each had a boy still at home (Colton, 17 and Jaxon, 12), it was clear our life was going to be one big, sometimes messy, but always blessed, adventure. Oh, and I can’t forget about our fur-babies, Cat Damon and Steve Purry, they always make life interesting!

“The Dream” is our off-the-grid homestead, and I hope you will follow us on our journey.  I’m sure there will be laughs and tears along the way. There will be hits and near-misses as we transition from dream to reality, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Thank you for stopping by Mountain Wife!





All the pieces of my heart!


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